Shipping rates going up….sorry

As of the first of the year, I noticed that UPS prices went up quite a bit.  I’ve been eating it so far this year, mostly because I’ve been too busy to update my website with new shipping rates.  I will be updating the shipping charges soon, though.  This will mostly affect the shipping charges for houses, towers and other sculptures.  

Occasionally, I get a complaint about my shipping charges.  Being a very small operation - I dont qualify for volume discounts on shipping, and because ceramics are fragile, I can’t scrimp on packing materials or insurance.  As a result, my shipping costs are not as low as you might see with a bigger retail site.   The upside (for you) is that I keep my prices painfully low (painful for me, anyway).  Retailers usually double the cost of an item and take 50% as their cut.  In the end, you’re still getting a better price from my website than you would get from an art gallery or gift shop.

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