Avalon - New fountain design

Announcing our new fountain, The Avalon.  Below are 2 examples: “Mermaid’s Kiss” and “Mistral”.  More than a year in the making, this new design will be available soon.  The previous design, the Marquee, is no longer in production.  Watch for clearance pricing on the remaining inventory of the Marquee fountains coming soon.   


Tile hangers

We will now be making our art tiles with wire hangers for easy display.  This applies only to new production tiles.  Tiles already for sale on our page cannot be retro fitted with these hangers, they are built-on.   Tiles without hangers can still be commissioned.

wire hanger

“A Little Darkness 3"

I am excited to be included in the upcoming exhibition at Night Gallery Fine Art in Santa Ana, Ca.  The show is called “A Little Darkness 3” and includes small pieces (all under 12”) that fit-in with the Night Gallery’s theme of dark art.  My piece is an Altar box, entitled: "Altar #3, Altar to the ill-mannered baby God”  

If you are in Southern California on Oct 1 or Nov 5, come join us and enjoy Santa Ana’s monthly artwalk, as well.


Santa’s House


I know.  It’s only September.  Look for these in late October.

Glazed Townhouses


Beach Shacks


Shipping rates going up….sorry

As of the first of the year, I noticed that UPS prices went up quite a bit.  I’ve been eating it so far this year, mostly because I’ve been too busy to update my website with new shipping rates.  I will be updating the shipping charges soon, though.  This will mostly affect the shipping charges for houses, towers and other sculptures.  

Occasionally, I get a complaint about my shipping charges.  Being a very small operation - I dont qualify for volume discounts on shipping, and because ceramics are fragile, I can’t scrimp on packing materials or insurance.  As a result, my shipping costs are not as low as you might see with a bigger retail site.   The upside (for you) is that I keep my prices painfully low (painful for me, anyway).  Retailers usually double the cost of an item and take 50% as their cut.  In the end, you’re still getting a better price from my website than you would get from an art gallery or gift shop.



Just 5 1/2” tall, new cottages coming this week.

Smaller Houses


Smaller houses are coming.  On the left is a Christmas house at regular size.  To the right is a new, mini house (not yet fired).  I hope to have afew of these available by the end of the year.

Cremation Urns


I began building my clay houses and towers when I had the idea to create cremation urns in the form of buildings.  The idea was to create some sort of personal monument to memorialize a loved one in the form of a piece of art.  A nice house to spend eternity or a Temple of honor to commemorate a life.    The urn project is still in design phase, but here is a prototype. 

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