Art Tile finishes and prices


Most of the art tiles displayed on our website are available for commission.  Tile orders are custom made to your specifications and require 6-8 weeks to complete in most cases.  

Glazed art tiles are finished with a glossy ceramic glaze that is fired on and is suitable for wet or dry environments, indoors or outdoors.  

Painted art tiles are finished in enamel and oil paints.  They are suitable for dry, indoor environments only.  The paints are protected with an acrylic clear coat to protect from dust.  

Metal leaf art tiles are created using the application of metal leaf, a fine layer of copper or brass that is then chemically treated to achieve a patina and then finished with oil paint and an acrylic clear coat.  These tiles are recommended for dry, indoor locations.  

Painted and metallic tiles may be displayed in a kitchen or bathroom, but not in a wet area - like a shower or backsplash.  

Not all colors are available in all finishes.  What is shown is a general sample of finishes we have done.  Results will vary. Other colors may be available, just ask.

Commission prices:

Glazed art tile with wire hanger : 40.00

Glazed art tile (flat) :  35.00

Glazed flat tile with wooden hanger : 40.00

Painted art tile with wire hanger : 55.00

Painted art tile (flat):  50.00

Painted flat tile with wooden hanger : 55.00

Metallic art tile with wire hanger : 50.00

Metallic art tile (flat):  45.00

Metallic flat tile with wooden hanger : 50.00

*Unless otherwise specified, tiles are constructed into a 3/4” thick, hollow-backed box with built-in wire hanger.  

Flat tiles may be commisioned with or without wooden hanger attached.   The hangers for flat tiles are in the form of a small wooden plaque affixed (not removable) to the back of the tile, allowing the tile to be hung on a nail or screw.

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