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Prices will be going up a bit as of January 1.  Materials, and services costs continue to rise, so I must also increase my prices.  New tiles will list for $32 and up (depending on finish) and the reserve price on eBay listings will also go up to $30.99.  Shipping fees are calculated to cover shippng materials and carrier fees and will go up when those vendors raise their rates.

Frame update

A few people have asked, so I figured I’d better give an update to the frame project started about a year ago.  My plan was to create a custom frame that would fit my tiles and not cost an arm and a leg.  Custom framing can be expensive and it can sometimes be awkward marching into your local frame shop with explicit art, so I thought I’d just make my own.  I found that I was not able to make the frames quite as cheaply as I had hoped and the process is not as simple as I thought it would be.  The whole project has been keeping me away from making new art, so it is currently on hold.  I still plan to offer the frames at some point, but not anytime soon.  

Incidentally, I am also working on a new design that will not require a frame.  More on that later...


New tile: 72nd place Jetty

In 2004 I made my 5th erotic tile called “Boy on the Rocks”  It was based on a drawing by one of my favorite artists, Harry Bush, and inspired by a memory of a time when people were sunbathing nude at California beaches to challenge public nudity laws.  


That original tile was 8X8 and was fairly popular.   After a few years, the mold began to wear and needed updating. I used that opportunity to give him a ”facelift".  


After a few more years that mold began to wear and I decided it was time to retire “Rocks” altogether.   Only weeks later I began to received requests for “Rocks” and decided to resculpt that design from scratch.  


The new tile, “72nd place Jetty” (or just “Jetty”) has been completed.  The boy is now a little older and beefier and the tile is in the standard size of most of my other tiles at 7.5” X7.5”.    I hope you like it.

Evolution of a Tile

Here’s a little sneak peak at the next tile with a few shots of the stagesit goes through.

IMG 4908
IMG 4863
IMG 4876
IMG 4908

Frame update

Oh, I’m so close.   My ideas are rarely a slam-dunk.  There always seems to be a period of trial and error before I perfect a new design or concept. 

The frames are a few steps closer to being available. After a series of setbacks over the last few months that have delayed numerous projects (including the frame project),  I am happy to report that I have produced 3 frames this week.  The first one weighs a ton and required more material than anticipated. That one will be a display model.   I had to come up with a quick fix to keep the weight and the materials cost down.  I produced 2 more frames that are being painted now.  My fingers are crossed...


I’ve had a number of requests for framing options for my tiles over the years.  It was surprising to me to see just how expensive custom framing can be.  The prices I found ranged from $50 to $170.  And these were supposedly sale prices.  My local art store was able to offer me a $30.00 option, but it didn’t have the depth or width to adequately frame the tile.  I realized for about the same price, I could offer a much better frame and design it specifically for my art tiles.  I’ve been working on it for a couple of months and hope to offer it by the end of the year.


This is the prototype.  


The finished product will be made of cast resin, available in various colors and finishes, starting with black and white.

This first offering will fit most of my standard square tiles.  Those tiles are roughly 7.25” X 7.25”.  Unfortunately, some of the tiles are a little larger or smaller and need to be resized and remolded to fit the frame.  I am working on that now, as well.

Hercules Fine Cigars


I’ve updated Herc into a faux-advertisement for "Hercules Fine Cigars”.  This tile will be part of my reular production and has beensized to fit the frames I am working on (more on that in an upcoming post).  Holding your own damn penis is too much for eBay, so this one will be sold exclusively on this website.  The first one sold in a matter of hours.  I’ll make more soon.  And don’t forget you can always commission any of my tiles.

RSS feed

I’ve been on the internet almost 20 years.  You’d think I’d have a better idea about basic web stuff.  Trying to figure out RSS feeds and readers.  Just thought I’d share that with y’all.

When I figure it out you can subscribe to my feed.  …now I’ll have to come up with some content.

eBay snags

I’ve been selling my tiles on ebay for years.  It gets to be an expensive arrangement at times with all the fees they charge, but it does give me welcome exposure.  

From time to time, they get a complaint about the content of my work and remove items that don’t conform to their nudity guidelines.  I respect eBay’s right to set such guidelines and I do my best not to ruffle any feathers.  Some of my tiles will never be posted on eBay - they’re just too much, but most of my work seems to be acceptable as long as I pixelate the naughty bits and avoid certain “activities” altogether.   More and more, though, I seem to be under greater scrutiny as a number of my items have been removed lately and I have been scolded for the infractions.  For the time being, I will only be posting “tasteful” nudes on eBay.  For the more stimulating art, you will have to come here to harrytanner.com.

Ebay does have a section for adult-only material, but they require age verification and a consent agreement before allowing shoppers to view items there.  I don’t get many hits there and rarely sell anything in that section, but rest assured - ebay gets their posting fees.  

I could go on and on about my love/hate relationship with ebay.  For the time being, I will continue to post items on eBay as I look for new ways to bring traffic to this website.  Any suggestions?

First Post

I’ve decided to add a second blog to my website.  This one will highlight new art work, as well as works-in-progress, upcoming events, and my random thoughts and rants.  Whereas the other blog on my site is decidedly G-rated, this blog will focus more on my erotic art.  

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